Priestley's In The Community

Named after our patron, Joseph Priestley, Priestley’s Cafe-Bar would love to be able live up to our namesake within Birstall, being an asset within the community which is talked about with pride. We firmly believe that to be a success in the community we need to be an integral part of the community, working with our neighbours to create the best venue for patrons and neighbours alike.
To facilitate open communication we have set-up a number of feedback forums which we encourage you to use:

  1. Email
  2. Social media

Priestley's Promise

During the lease and licensing negotiations, we made the following promise that we pledge to uphold:
“Priestley’s will create a unique community venue, where customers can socialise in a comfortable and friendly environment. This will be maximised by upholding our local responsibilities and maintaining close relationships with our neighbours”

Our Licence

In order to gain our licence to sell alcohol we have agreed to a number of regulations imposed by various bodies to protect the local community and neighbours. To help us keep our licence and respect our neighbours we plan to enforce these regulations and ask patrons to respect our wishes.
While we believe patrons will act in a civilised manner, to maintain Priestley’s Promise as stated above, we will deploy a disciplinary process where needed.
Our goal is that staff, neighbours and patrons all enjoy Priestley’s Cafe-Bar.